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Want to hear my story? For all the juicy details, see my blog post!


Here’s the quick version: after my divorce in my mid-forties I faced a decision: I could stay single, raise my daughter, work, and enjoy my friends. But, my heart whispered loudly, “I want an EXTRAORDINARY LOVE!” 


This felt impossible. But, I dipped a toe in the water. I had a few dates with people who were waaaaaay off the mark. Discouraged, I started reading dating books and watching seminars. Picking the best of what I found, I put together a more thoughtful and customized plan. 


Over an 18-month period I dated 70 men. I refined my search based on life-long character traits I wanted in a partner. I got crystal clear on my own life goals. That clarity led me to date men who were better and better matches. Until finally, ding-ding-ding, I met THE ONE. My husband and I will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary this year!


Being in a happy relationship has changed my life. That’s why I want to help other people get their search right and improve their chances of a happy partnership, too!

Image by Ali Kazal

Clarity creates your compass to love.

My Mission

Our mission at Curate Your Mate is to elevate your dating strategy so you attract your just-right partner for life.


Having a Dating Mindset Coach in your corner will keep you grounded, confident, and traveling your Roadmap to Love!

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